Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Omar Abdullah - Youthful Signs In Jammu And Kashmir

Being my native state, I was glued to news channels on the day when counting of votes for assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir was going on. The results showed a hung assembly (no single political party got a majority) however, one positive thing has come out of it. We are going to have the youngest chief minister in the state - Omar Abdullah.

Omar Abdullah is young and dynamic, and above all he is a youth unlike many Indian politicians who reach the pinnacle of their glory when they are quite old enough. Omar had his schooling from Burn Hall School, which is a famous christian missionary school in Srinagar- Kashmir. It is one of the reputed schools along with Tyndale Biscoe School, from where I have done my schooling.

Jammu and Kashmir has got a new hope in the form of Omar Abdullah. I wish him all the best in his new role as the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir. I still recount the day when I met him.The occasion was the National Youth Day of India, which is observed every year on 12 January to mark the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, a hindoo monk of India.

Omar Abdullah was the chief guest to that small function, which Ramakrishna Mission Jammu celebrates every year by garlanding the statue of Swamiji that is situated at the heart of Jammu city.

Since Swamiji is an inspiration for youth worldwide, so there could not have been a better guest than Omar Abdullah to garland his statue. As a volunteer of Ramakrishna Mission Jammu, I was asked by the head swamiji of Ramakrishna Mission Jammu to present Omar with a gift on behalf of the mission. The gift box contained few books about Swami Vivekananda.

I shook hands with him and presented the gift. He reciprocated with thank you and a youthful smile. Then he delivered a small but inspiring speech. I hope Jammu and Kashmir is now in safe hands with Omar at the helm.

The expectations of people are certainly high however, it would be an uphill task for Omar to live up to the expectations of all. My best wishes are with him.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Neil Patel Replies To My Email

I flashed an email to Neil Patel who replied with some useful blogging tips. I completely agree with Neil who has contributed immensely to the online world and made a good name for himself. How to make my blog popular? This question is on top of the mind of every blogger.

A blog is a short form of weblog. It is an account of personal diary in which a blogger puts down his or her thoughts. There is a great power in a thought, however even more greater power is in an idea.

There are millions of blogs spread across the web and every blogger starts a blog with some idea in his or her mind. How good that idea is becomes quite obvious when the blog attains considerable feeds following.

  • The primary thing in a blog is the idea behind with which it is created by a blogger
  • Most bloggers set up a blog to earn money, however thats not pretty bad
  • Have an idea and try to live up to it, then and only then your blog will be successful, otherwise it may get lost in the web
  • I believe an idea should be original

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Was Watching Koffee with Karan on Star World Television On Sunday

I live in south western city of India, Pune that is known for its cosmopolitan image. It is also called the Oxford of East, as there are many reputable educational institutions, where a big number of international students come to pursue different study courses. And also the cool climatatic conditions of this city makes it a favourite of all.

Pune is just 3-4 hour drive from Mumbai, which suffered recent terrorist attacks. The whole world has already condemned this incident. Lot of bollywood celebrities come to Pune, just to take a off from their busy schedules and relax in this cool city.

I was wathching a TV program on Star World, "Koffee with Karan". What impressed me about Karan is his impeccable conduct as a host. No doubt, he is a talended director of the bollywood, his sense of humour is exceptional. He is equally at ease with super heroes as well as hotties and beauties of Bollywood. Karan extract information from them in a great way. Well done Karan!

Sundays is meant for relaxing and if you watch programs like, Koffee with Karan, it means more relaxation. I just do nothing and relax and rlax and relax! How do you spent your sundys?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twitter - How Many Of You Have Twittered?

Few days back, there were terror srikes in Mumbai, which is the commercial capital of India. A group of men armed with automatic weapons and ammunication sneaked into two main hotels of Mumbai...The famous Taj Palace hotel and the Trident Oberoi.

Everyone was praying for those who were trapped inside these hotels. Some of the people were made hostages and later killed by armed men, while as some were safely rescued by special commandos ( National Security Guards) of Indian forces.

This whole tragic event continued for three days, and no one knew what exactly was happening inside the hotel. Everyone wanted information about those who were trapped inside hotels, although news channels provided live coverage for three days, however the facts became clear only after the commndo operation was over.

During these three whole days, internet was the most used medium by people to provide updates about themselevs as well as this tragic incident. People used twitter services to its fullest.

Twitter is a website that allows users to write short texted messages. It is one of the most popular mediums for getting updates in this online world today. You can start using it by signing up an account in few simple steps.

Let's pray for all those people who lost their precious lives in this tragic incident. May God give inner strength to all those people who have lost their dear ones in this incident. We can hope that such incidents won't happen anymore in India or any part of the world.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Let's Study SearchEngineLand - Website That Covers News About Search Engines

SearchEngineLand---This is a website that provides information about latest happenings in Search engines. I believe this is a must read site for all those who want to remain updated about search industry.

The main man behind searchengineland--Danny Sullivan has been writing about search for over a decade now. He has closely watched the formation and development of search engine giant, Google. In a decade's time, Google has become the undisputed giant in search industry.

I am a regular feedreader and every morning, I read about search in searchengineland. You need to have a reliable source of information to remain updated about online world and search industry in particular. So, friends just bowse through searchengineland.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

When Blogger Considered My Blog As A Spam

I was surprised when I signed in to my blogger account to write a post. My blog was locked as it was considered as a possible spam by blogger team. Well, they unlocked it, so I am happy and ready to continue this blog that is aimed at finding useful information in searchengineland, ( I mean in search industry).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

How Darkness Disappears When You Light A Matchstick

The darkness that is prevalent in a dark room vanishes when you lit a match stick. In a similar way, it requires a constant effort to find and locate reliable sources that provides authentic information over the internet, which has become a pool of information.

I want to start a series of evaluation process during which I will evaluate some of the reliable sources in search industry that are contributing to provide useful information to people. So, be with me in this search for search.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Welcome To Khojna, Another Name Of Search

We all are searching for information, rather we are hungry for information. This quest is not something new with humans, it was there since time immemorial,however in this century, it has become more easily accessible. So, this century is rightly called as an age of information.

Khojna is an online search for search. I have been working in an online world for more than two years now. During this period, I came across many new and informative things. It is like a pool in which you need to dive deep to know exactly about its depth.

So, welcome to Khojna,rather search