Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Twitter - How Many Of You Have Twittered?

Few days back, there were terror srikes in Mumbai, which is the commercial capital of India. A group of men armed with automatic weapons and ammunication sneaked into two main hotels of Mumbai...The famous Taj Palace hotel and the Trident Oberoi.

Everyone was praying for those who were trapped inside these hotels. Some of the people were made hostages and later killed by armed men, while as some were safely rescued by special commandos ( National Security Guards) of Indian forces.

This whole tragic event continued for three days, and no one knew what exactly was happening inside the hotel. Everyone wanted information about those who were trapped inside hotels, although news channels provided live coverage for three days, however the facts became clear only after the commndo operation was over.

During these three whole days, internet was the most used medium by people to provide updates about themselevs as well as this tragic incident. People used twitter services to its fullest.

Twitter is a website that allows users to write short texted messages. It is one of the most popular mediums for getting updates in this online world today. You can start using it by signing up an account in few simple steps.

Let's pray for all those people who lost their precious lives in this tragic incident. May God give inner strength to all those people who have lost their dear ones in this incident. We can hope that such incidents won't happen anymore in India or any part of the world.

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