Saturday, December 20, 2008

Neil Patel Replies To My Email

I flashed an email to Neil Patel who replied with some useful blogging tips. I completely agree with Neil who has contributed immensely to the online world and made a good name for himself. How to make my blog popular? This question is on top of the mind of every blogger.

A blog is a short form of weblog. It is an account of personal diary in which a blogger puts down his or her thoughts. There is a great power in a thought, however even more greater power is in an idea.

There are millions of blogs spread across the web and every blogger starts a blog with some idea in his or her mind. How good that idea is becomes quite obvious when the blog attains considerable feeds following.

  • The primary thing in a blog is the idea behind with which it is created by a blogger
  • Most bloggers set up a blog to earn money, however thats not pretty bad
  • Have an idea and try to live up to it, then and only then your blog will be successful, otherwise it may get lost in the web
  • I believe an idea should be original

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